Alpine Escapes: Know Your Winter Essentials

What a rush you get when sliding down a mountain with planks under your feet and sticks to manoeuvre your way. Yes, we are talking about the skiing vacations you are about to take, pack your bags and let's explore the crème de la crème of the alpine escapes.


For the last century, Gstaad has been the favorite winter destination of the good and great. In 1905, Gstaad started its ski resort journey with passion, the villagers worked hard to make this small little town into one of the most renowned winter destinations. So much so that the town of Gstaad soon became popular among European aristocrats and film stars. It has played host to many illustrious names, including Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Grace Kelly, Paul McCartney, Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Lauren.

The Gstaad village has a charm like no other and it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for the old-school glamour. Its idyllic appearance appeal to the tourist more than anything else. Visitors can enjoy the many ski resorts as well as the ancient churches and the wooden chalets that are the signature of this town. There’s nothing more appropriate than wearing a beanie that was inspired by the place itself! Our Gstaad Limited Edition beanie is crafted from premium Cashmere and is finished with a fox fur pompon. It is unique for its supreme softness and its special nuances.

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Courchevel didn’t come in view till the 20th century, there wasn’t much of a town or a village to begin with and at first it was hard to do winter sports here. In 1925, however, the very first winter hotel was opened, the Hotel du Lac Bleu, which was the first stepping stone for this destinations marvellous transformation. Later on a Super Ski Resort followed, and the town became the ultimate hub of international tourists coming in from around the world.

After you have skied to your heart’s content, put on our Courchevel cashmere beanie and wander off in the old village, experience the night sky and serene views of the mountain. Our Courchevel beanie is perfectly suited for the slopes and for cold winter days.


If you wish to obtain your own portion of paradise, Aspen is the right place. Temperatures drop, and visitors from all over the world are drawn to these majestic slopes. Aspen enjoys the rank of being one of the ultimate ski vacations, and rightly so as it has all the glamour in the world. If you are looking for the best ski site, Aspen will have you falling in love all over again. The quaint style and beautiful mountains are what make this place a favorite amongst skiers and non-skiers alike.

All you need are your skiing essentials; your most comfortable sweater and beanie to enjoy your bit of paradise. Our Double-Faced Aspen beanie, soft and fine, simultaneously light and strong, is knitted with the prestigious Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

The glamour of the Italian Alps still abounds in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Surrounded by the stunning and amazing dolomites, the town is favored by tourists from around the world. Cortina is known for its upmarket and glitzy reputation; however, the relaxation you get here is unmatchable. In 1956 Cortina hosted the Winter Olympic games and there-after grew into a world-famous resort. Cortina has attracted many distinguished guests, often inspiring them in their creative work, including Ernest Hemingway, Indro Montanelli and Paolo Barilla.


If you are looking for unsullied and low-key charm Grenoble should be on top of your list. Some 2,000 years ago Grenoble was a Gallic village, far from the glamorous skiing resort it is now. History has seen it change from sand to gold, becoming a world class ski destination. Grenoble is an energetic city that hardly ever sleeps. It's rich with historical as well as cultural values.

Enjoy all the diversity that this place has to offer with our hat knitted cashmere embellished with a contrasting border in narrow rib-knit. A warm, refined accessory that is the perfect complement to sophisticated looks for the winter season.


Every year as the snow starts to fall, visitors flock this winter wonderland. Verbier, located in south-western Switzerland, is often described as the diamond of the Swiss Alps due to its small and sophisticated streets. Wonder, glamour and adventure are the signatures of Verbier. Indeed, Verbier is famous for being the premier backcountry ski resort in the world, making its steep slopes an adventure to challenge. Notable guests that can be seen on the slopes of Verbier include The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Diana Ross, Richard Branson and the Swedish Royal Family.

With all the glamour and comfort, you will have a hard time leaving here. Our Verbier beanie makes the perfect style statement for the winter days atop the snowy mountains. Discover the variety of colours of our beanies in premium English-rib knit.

If you are looking for a leisure stay, and comfort even better than your home, these skiing resorts should be on the top of your list.