Pantera Bianca is an Award Winning Startup

On the 6th of November 2018 Pantera Bianca was able to win the Debitoor Audience Award - one of Germany's most important Startup competitions that saw over 200 companies competing for the win. 

This Award is an important milestone for this young and fast growing company. The creators Marlon and Keyvan are very proud of this success, as it honors their company’s philosophy and principles:

When we started the company, we focused on three simple principles; ethical working conditions, premium quality and sophisticated designs. We wanted to highlight the value of handmade work, cultivate an appreciation of superior craftsmanship and quality and create items of timeless beauty. All the people that voted for us showed us that there are still people out there that incorporate the traditional values we try to promote, such as respect and an appreciation of the craftsmanship needed to create a high quality garment or accessory.

In the early stages of the company Pantera Bianca started off with a Kickstarter Campaign offering luxurious handmade cashmere sweaters exclusively Made in Italy. Raising over 26 thousand USD in their first month kept the team motivated to spread their company vision and bring happiness through their products.

During our first Kickstarter Campaign, we highlighted the problematic development of traditional European Companies dating back to the 19th century that outsource their production to southern Asia. The dangerous working conditions and unfair pay are against our company vision and philosophy. Often uncontrolled mass production and pushing seasonal trends to manipulate existing customers into updating their wardrobe each season lead to a deterioration in quality. It is therefore important to us to move away from mass production and restore moral dignity to handmade work, supporting the tradition of craftsmanship that has characterised Italy for centuries.

We have inherited a tradition of craftsmanship rooted in the anonymous artisan. We want to change this and give exposure to the marvellous work of all of our artists.