Why the Monaco Grand Prix should be on your Bucket List

The principality of Monaco became iconic with the union of Grace Kelly, the then most famous Hollywood actress with Rainier III, prince of Monaco. This fairytale wedding initiated a new era for Monte-Carlo with the famous Casino and Grand prix.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III Wedding

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III Wedding

The Monaco Grand Prix is the most elegant race of the year. It attracts celebrities from all over the globe. The grand prix always happens at the same time as the Cannes Festival, which is only 6 min away by helicopter, meaning that all the celebrities invited at the festival will come for the race in Monaco. From the parties on mega-yachts during the day looking over the race, to the after-race beach parties and the elegant black-tie parties in the evenings. Very simply put, it’s the place to be. The Monaco Grand prix is the perfect mix of glamour and Formula 1 racing.

The first Monaco Grand Prix was in 1929, it is now considered one of the most prestigious automobile events in the world. It is a yearly event that happens in May, when the temperature and weather is the most pleasant. There is also the Historic Grand Prix which has existed since 1997, on the same circuit as the F1.

Harbor of Monaco during the Grand Prix

What makes this race so complex is not only the narrow circuit that makes it very challenging for cars to overtake each other, but the actual mechanics on the part of the driver, constantly having to change gears, requiring full concentration. Even a minor mistake usually ends up with a car in the protection barriers. 

Ayrton Senna, being the most successful driver on the Monaco circuit, won it six times. He’s followed by Michael Schumacher and Graham Hill, who both won it five times each. Its location makes it special as the circuit in Monaco is very different from most circuits - the town itself is the circuit. The track passes in front of the Casino, Hotel de Paris and through the harbors filled with super-yachts. Between the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, on the tight streets of Monte-Carlo.

Ayrton Senna six times winner of the Monaco Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Monaco has to be in your bucket list, it is a once in a lifetime event. My little tip is that you must go to the “Sunset Party”, the after-race party at the Meridien hotel.