Looking for 'The One' Find the Perfect Beanie

Smart? Classy? Comfortable? Is there such a thing as the perfect beanie? As we know, staying warm is key, and looking good whilst doing so, is essential. Of course, gloves and scarves are important winter accessories, but beanies, not only do they make you look on point, but they also complete every winter look. 

Aside from the fact that when we think about ‘The One’ we make a direct comparison to the ‘perfect’ partner, in this case, we want you to think about finding the perfect beanie. Thus, there are a few characteristics that you need to take into account when looking for ‘the one’ and here’s a quick guide to help with it:


Pick a colour, preferably neutral to begin with. As time passes you might find yourself looking for bolder colours, but to start off with, you can never go wrong with a creamy, white, or even a grey beanie to match every look!

Pick a style 

A stylish beanie is the perfect winter accent to outfits for both men and women looking to stay warm! There’s a variety of styles - feeling girly? A cute pom-pom keeps it cute and comfortable in every situation. Want to give it a classy gentlemanly look? Keep it basic and go for the original beanie. 


Comfort is essential. None of us like to walk around with a small beanie or wear one made with itchy material, which is why you need to invest in the best possible. When talking about materials such as  Cashmere, the beanies tend to be a small-fit at the beginning when you first try it on, but it stretches when worn - so do not let that little detail fool you when making your choice! 

Wear it with confidence

Looking good isn’t just about having the right style, it is also about how you decide to wear it - one of the most important characteristics to finding ‘the one’ is not just the comfort and homey feeling it provides, but if you want to pull off the look - you need to feel it. 

What are you waiting for? Get the perfect look, find 'the one' with us.