The Gents Who Wore It Well: Knitwear as a Statement

What is it about the Polo Shirt and the Dolcevita that made them such an enduring classic?

American actor Steve McQueen needs little introduction and still remains the most important figure when it comes to talking style. He was “The King of Cool”, a rockstar on the screen and a real bad boy from the streets.

He had a great passion for motorcycles and racing cars and was a masculine rebel that influenced men to imitate his style through fashion. He was also a true inspiration for many top designers. Steve McQueen made everything he wore look good - whether it was a Dolcevita, a lounge shirt or a tweed blazer. McQueen epitomised style, he was known for sticking to clean lines, he maintained a masculine and rugged look with very linear apparel; the Dolcevita is designed in his honour.   


Alain Delon had the ability to wear pure style effortlessly. His clothing was never ostentatious, and he dressed to perfection. Both on and off the screen, he was the master of pretty much every genre of clothing, from a classic summer suit to the loose-weave knit. His leading man swagger along with his casual style had him looking dapper at all times. It’s little wonder that he became one of the most iconic Western actors in Hollywood, starring in films like Le Samuraï and The LeopardHe was also well versed in the elegant simplicity of a cashmere Polo, as this snap from the 1960s attests. When in doubt, dress like Delon.

France’s answer to Sophia Loren wasn’t only lauded as one of the greatest French-speaking actresses and models of the mid-’60s, but also made waves with her emphatically effortless style on and off the screen. Catherine Deneuve has mastered effortless glamour and will always be one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen. Her incredible style and figure led her to be labelled one of the most stylish French actresses ever and her classy, yet demure timeless style ensured she remains a true icon.