A Guide on How To Treat Your Cashmere Garments

Advises on how to take care of your Cashmere garment:

1.Before washing, turn the garment inside out. The surface of the fibers will undergo a gentle rubbing during the wash.                                  

2.Wash your Cashmere garment by hand in 30C water with mild detergent. Do not wash in the washing machine, as it is too aggressive for the delicate structure of the fibers. Do not twist the water out of the garment but, rather, gently squeeze the water out.

3.After washing, lay the sweater on a towel and fold the arms over the front. Roll up the towel with the sweater in it. Twist the towel as a ‘candy’ getting the excess water out. On a new dry towel lay the sweater out with the sleeves along the sides. Let air dry.

4. Once dry, the garment can be ironed on a medium setting. Use a damp cloth between the iron and the garment as this will avoid any signs of the iron on the fibers.

5.If desired, place the garment in an anti-moth bag and with an anti-moth product. The fewer folds the garment undergoes the lower the fiber deformation will be.

In conclusion, some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not hang the sweater to dry. Its shape will be irreversibly changed
  • Do not place in direct sunlight as the garment will fade
  • It is not necessary to wash the garment after each wash
  • Under NO circumstances do you wash the garment in a washing machine. It will shrink, become dull and felted as the fibers settle.