We value quality, Timeless designs & Italian craftsmanship

At Pantera Bianca we partner with the best Italian family run laboratories, located in the heart of the Italian Cashmere manufacturing region, Piemonte. The beauty of traditional craftsmanship lies in the attention to detail and patient dedication. These virtues are most prominently found in Italy, where skilled artisans have pooled to create beautiful garments for centuries.

At Pantera Bianca we highlight the importance, ethics and value of traditional and meaningful craftsmanship and pay our respects to all of our artisans. Italian manufacturing is the most renowned in the world, for their skilled workers, the superior production standard and the dedication and attention to detail. We emphasise the fusion of timeless and effortless elegance, alongside the time and effort that artisans put in behind the scenes for creation. At Pantera Bianca we are proud that all of our garments wear the official “Made in Italy” label, exemplifying the superior quality we can offer to our customers.

We are here to serve clients who value quality, timeless designs, and Italian craftsmanship and want to experience the history and culture surrounding the makings of their Beanies. 

By selling directly to customers, we are able to cut out the 'middleman', invest more in superior products and offer greater value to all of our clients.

Our Story

Made in Italy

Elegant and deep connections emerge between the colours of the earth and the light of the sky. Our Pure Cashmere Beanie Collection is inspired by the leaves, woods and fruits of the Piedmont Region, Italy.

Appreciating Handmade Work