Premium Cashmere Made in Italy

Premium Cashmere comes from the under fleece of Hircus Goats, extraordinary animals that live in the mountains of Inner Mongolia in extreme climatic conditions.

Cashmere Goats have an outer guard layer that protects them from rain and snow and an undercoat made of ultra-fine hairs with high insulation capacity for the cold winters. The softest and most durable cashmere wool comes from Inner Mongolia. This is true because these Hircus Goats are subject to extremely cold winters and relatively warm summers making the Goats develop a very versatile Fleece that is both soft and strong. 

To create our Beanie Collection, we exclusively use premium cashmere originating from the finest undercoats of Cashmere Goats, to ensure they are fluffy and durable. This is the softest part of the goat located under the chin and is very rare. Each animal only produces 250 grams of cashmere per year.

The thinner the fibre the softer the Beanie. For this reason we commit to using cashmere fibres with diameters less than 15 microns to make our cashmere Beanies incredibly soft and comfortable.

At Pantera Bianca, every Cashmere Beanie undergoes a manual quality control before being shipped to its customers.


Bringing you the softest Cashmere Made in Italy