Three simple principles guide the production of all our products

Ethical Working Conditions

We want to highlight the importance of the dignity of handmade work. As such we move away from mass production and underpaid labour. We share our success with our artisans and give them what is rightfully theirs: A comfortable working environment and a fair compensation.

Premium Craftsmanship & Materials

Handcrafted by our experienced artisans who have been crafting cashmere for over 30 years. We treat each of the Beanies we make as a precious piece of art. All of our Beanies undergo countless production steps including a rigorous quality control before reaching our final customer. 

Italian Inspired Design

The beauty of the Italian nature, the elegance of its culture and the vivacity of the “Dolce Vita” are what inspires our designs and values. Our Beanie collections are colourful, but elegant; timeless, but full of life. We want to move away from fast fashion by creating Beanies of objective beauty.

Our Story

The Co-Founders

Keyvan & Marlon


With skepticism we are following the latest developments in the fashion world, to outsource production and get rid of the values of handmade work and individuality. Our Mission is therefore to restore a culture of appreciation and beauty that is detached from the latest seasonal trends and respects handmade work and the individuality of each of us. We travelled across all regions of Italy to select the most experienced artisans who have mastered the art of craftsmanship over decades.  

We are focused on creating great quality and timeless garments for you to love